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Web Integrate Ltd is a small business that has been working on Simple Membership with the input of u3a groups since 2007. It has been incorporated for over 12 years with the sole purpose of building the Simple Membership product. We are passionate about our product and completely invested in the future and success of the system.

Being small doesn't mean that we can't deliver, we have a growing number of 'power users' from our existing u3as who have been incredibly helpful in assisting new u3as to get to grips with the system and also a forum full of like minded u3a users helping each other along their implementation journey.

We have invested significant hours into the system to get it where it is today and have worked closely and diligently with our current u3as to create a fully rounded system with support documentation in place as well as processes for handling new enquiries and trials. We continuously strive to improve the system and keep in close contact with our u3as in order to achieve this.

We are very excited to be able to offer this robust and comprehensive system to any new u3a groups and look forward to working with you. We also understand that every u3a is different, so the website content and the information held about members can be completely customised to meet the requirements of the individual u3a.


From a simple u3a website in 2007...